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Complimentary Golf Power Screening

Our Level 1 TPI Golf Fitness Screen is a comprehensive 16 point assessment focusing on your current physical condition, providing insights into areas that may impact your golf performance. As you know, it evaluates aspects like flexibility, strength, and balance to tailor a fitness plan.

The Level 2 Screen focuses on our strength and power. The screen is able to tell us, with bench marks, where the imbalances are. This 9 point movement assessment is great for golfers who are looking to see specifically where their power may be lacking.

Our trainer Derek Kolar just received his level 2 certification and is offering complimentary screens for our current members, and $150 for non-members. If you are interested in going through the level 2 screen and creating a more involved program with your trainer, or just finding out more about your body’s abilities, you can schedule your level 2 screen with Derek directly.

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