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CAMFIT is a specialized training facility that offers private personal training for golfers and non-golfers, recovery therapies, and seasonal golf lessons for athletes who want to take their ability to the next level.

Our Professionals assess your body-swing connection through a series of 16 movements. We then determine where your body’s limitations are & teach you how to improve them through a corrective exercise program that is individualized to YOU.



Scott C.

This place is great, I've been going consistently for 3.5+ years. Cam and Madi are fantastic trainers, motivators and people. My balance, mobility, and core strength has never been better. I am no longer in constant back pain. The gym space is perfect and there is never more than 4 people working out at a time. Everyone is friendly and welcoming to where it doesn't have the intimidation of a traditional gym. Highly recommend!

Tom B.

Very nice facility. Professional staff. Fun, pleasant atmosphere. Since I started working with Cam, I've lost weight, gained strength and flexibility, my balance has improved, and my golf game has improved! Most importantly, my attitude toward aging and fitness has has been transformed.

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